Born in Japan in 1979. Moved to England in 2003,

where he gained experience under AZUMI and Ross Lovegrove.

Graduated from Royal College of Art in 2007.

Having gained further experience at MUJI upon his return to Japan,

he went independent and established YOTA KAKUDA DESIGN in 2011.

He works in collaboration with such companies as Ligne Roset,



Saikai Toki Co., Ltd. (ceramic)

A member of the Kodama family, active in the pottery filed in Hasami-cho,

Nagasaki Prefecture over generations,

Kaoru Kodama began selling porcelain whosesale from a cart in 1946.

In 1957, he established Saikai Toki Co., Ltd.

Today, this company has grown into a porcelain specialty business

that plays a coordinating role for 120 in the Hizen area of Kyushu,

centered on Hasami and Arita ware.



Two time-honored companies - Toyo Glass (ex. Shimada Glass

established in 1888) and Sasaki Glass (established in 1902) -

integrated in 2002 to from Toyo Sasaki Glass.

The company develops original glass production technology such as

the new type of crystal glass“Fine Crystal”and the tempered glass

for commercial purpose“HS Hard Strong”. They offer a wide lineup,

from products for professionals to those for the standard household.


Tsubame Shinko Industrial Co., ltd (cutlery)

Began the production of knives in 1919 as the Koyonagi Knife Factory.

In 1943 it was reorganized into Tsubame Shinko Co., Ltd.

It has released a variety of types of cutlery design,

including the TI-1 series, which won the Good Design Award and

the German iF Award. The company works actively over a wide area,

including in the production of traffic signs and traffic safety mirrors.