without special
social status or rank;

When you carefull re-examine the functions and roles of “things”
that prove useful to people, there is a nature shape that emerges.
This is a shape that is not swayed by regions nor by the times,
that harmonizes with any space, one that is universal.
It is a shape that is neutral, with no waste, one that has a sense of familiarity to it,
that seems as if it existed from way back. Many things that are shared by people across generations,
things that have been used as a matter of course, have such a shape.

“Common” tableware was created out of the pursuit of such a shape.
As a tool for everyday use,
that is suitable for use by many people in a variety of places for years,
decades. It can be used for all cuisine and settings,
is sturdily made and additional purchases can be made as needed.
Since its release in 2014, it has been sold not only for home use,
but also for commercial use in cafes and restaurants. It is tableware that can be used without reverse,
and it is for this very reason that no concessions have been made when it comes to quality and price.

To create these shapes, the designer of “Common” spent an astonishing amount of time and effort.
conducting repeated detailed tests. Tokyo Saikai, the manufacturer,
has taken responsibility and devoted itself to the development of products
that can continue to be created for a long time, preparing a manufacturing framework to achieve this.
All Common items are created at reliable Japanese factories by skilled people.
Such a process being only natural is something that makes the value of Common unshakable.